The Major Amulet (Hirz) of Imam Al-Jawad A.S.

Price: $99.00

Special powers and properties:

  • Protecting from the evil eyes
  • Protecting against evils, plights, diseases, blights, mischiefs, persecutions and unpleasant occurrences
  • Protecting from wounds and harms, corruption, drowning, perishing
  • Overcome enemies and difficulties
  • Nullifying witchery and preventing black magic
  • Good luck with events
  • Overcome and getting rid of fears by allah s.w.t.’s grace
  • Victory in wars, battles and campaigns
  • Repelling tyrants and oppressors
  • Eliminating the Devil
  • Having tendency towards religious obligations
  • Being Protected, guarded and Blessed by allah s.w.t.
  • Avoiding improper things including: negative thoughts, negative temptation, abominations, etc.
  • Increasing Rizq (sustenance)
  • Eliminating defects in religion and life
  • Being successful in the mundane world and Hereafter
  • Etc.

This amulet has repelling, protecting and nullifying properties, which means it prevents bad occurrences and also eliminates them if they exist.


  • Observance of necessary etiquettes
  • Written with rosewater, saffron, Turbah of Imam Hussain a.s. , and water from the holy tomb of Hazrat Abbas a.s.
  • Written on real deerskin
  • Handwritten by pious people (Hawza students)
  • Writing full text of the prayer, letters, symbols, and patterns correctly
  • Avoiding times of the moon in scorpio
  • Performing wudu and facing Qibla prior to writing
  • Using pure silver
  • Pouring the Turbah of Imam Hussain a.s. Inside the amulet
  • Shipping in a gift box
  • Comes inside a hand embroidered natural leather armband
  • Size: 7 cm × 2.5 cm

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