Abu Dujanah Amulet (Taweez)

Price: $58.00

Special powers and properties:

  • Protecting from jinn
  • Temptation remover
  • Eliminating nightmares and disturbed sleeping
  • Strengthening the spiritual fence of people
  • Dispelling negative thoughts
  • Releasing Rage

This amulet has repelling, protecting and nullifying properties, which means it prevents bad occurrences and also eliminates them if they exist.


  • The most complete version of Abu Dujanah’s prayer
  • Written with rosewater, saffron, Turbah of Imam Hussain a.s., and water from the holy tomb of Hazrat Abbas a.s.
  • Written on pure herbal handmade paper
  • Size: 27.5 cm × 20 cm

How to use:

  • It should be kept at home
  • One amulet is enough for all family members.

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