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The topic of Islamic amulets and talismans is a very broad one, and i highly recommend you to study about that especially to be able to define between this and the topic of magic and myth/superstition etc.

prior to explaining about the extremely important hirz of Sharaf al-Shams, let’s get to know some of the common terms we use in this short paper then deal with the very Hirz.

Hirz (Arabic: حِرز) literally means a fortified and firm place. Terminologically speaking, it refers to some Quranic verses, dhikrs, and narrated supplications that are recited in order to protect one’s life and property against damages or are carried in written forms
Ta’widh: Or ta’veez, has a similar meaning to hirz, also means protection. This word comes from al-‘awdhah, which means to seek refuge and resort to the Allah. A ta’veez would be recited,written, or worn for the sake of protection against harm, thieves, wild animals,evil eyes ,being scared, and being safe from other things. This term is usually used by Muslims of the Sub-continent more than other spots.
Hijab: This term is used in reference to a hirz or a ta’veez as well . it is common among Lebanese Muslims
when you read about this in the English language, you might come across the word magic, in these amulets and talismans having ‘magic powers,’ but we avoid using this word ‘magic’ (sihr) in our Islamic cultural practice, because we know that sihr is haram surly, and Ahraz and Talasim are not defined as sihr.


However some of them are majic and haram but we are not discussing here

What is Hirz Sharaf al-Shams:

Sharaf al-Shams basically means the nobility of the sun. It is called this name is due to the time when the talisman is written on it
It can only be written in one specific time in the year, on the day when the sun is aligned with Aries (burj al-haml). The Persian date for this would be 19th of Farvardin,or it is 8th of April.

must be between 11am until 6pm.

It is said that this time is the best time of the alignment between the earth, the sun and the moon.

we can not find a source for it that , attributed to Imam Ali (a.s.), however There is a poem attributed to Imam Ali (a.s.), describing the symbols of the Sharaf al-Shams.

afret researching deeply found it in a famous book by the name of Misbah Al Kafami that is said :
This is the name of Allah

Also in some other authentic manuscript exists


What is Written?

The very common misconception is that the ring, or the stone is called Sharaf al-Shams.
but in fact the hirz wish is written is called Sharaf al-Shams

It is said that the special hirz of Sharaf al-Shams contains al-Ism al-A’dham الإسم الأعظم, which is the concealed Greatest Name of Allah ta’ala. The view is that it contains 5 of the Greatest Names of Allah ta’ala.

There is not one unanimous way of writing the hirz, but in general it contains the same symbols. These symbols represent numerological values, that refer to Names of Almighty Allah. Not much more can be said about this, because it is among the many secrets of the universe and the realm of al-Ghayb that we do not have access to.

Some interpretations have been presented, and they might be true, but in any case what we can deduct is how valuable and powerful this hirz is and that is enough.

So, in addition to Sharaf al-Shams being a hirz, the ‘Aqiq stone is in itself a hirz and important amulet that is Hirz of Imam Jawad written on deer skin.


Benefits of Hirz Sharaf al-Shams:

expels sorrow, depression, bad luck, and bad things.

Repels poverty, illnesses.
Nullifies magic, and protects you from evil eye and envy.
Brings you honour and prestige.
Brings you health and sustenance.
Increases your wealth and money.
Protects its holder from evil of humans, jinn and nature.
Cure insomnia.

The ‘Aqiq stone itself is very useful as well. It keeps you safe in trips, it will increase your sustenance, bring you blessings and success, your prayers will be accepted, and evil will be banished from you.
To get more familiar with Aqiq effects , refer to related books


Two very important points I must mention here:

We must verify that the ahraz we receive or use are authentic, from our Ma’sumeen (a.s.), mainstream Ulama, and reliable books.
When writing a hirz, and to make it more effective, all the recommended conditions and etiquette must be observed, like being in the state of external taharah, and also internal taharah, with sincerity, purity and piety. This is why when it is written, or authorised by a very spiritual scholar, it would have more effect.

regarding Sharaf al-Shams sadly nowadays most of them are not made with observing etiquette.
even engraver doesn’t know how to start and end symbols

Price : 59$

order via whatsapp : 00989127501097

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